What Are K-Style Gutters?

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You may not think too much about home gutter systems, but did you know that gutters actually come in a variety of different shapes and styles? Each type comes with its own advantages, so it’s important to know what styles are out there when the time comes to replace your current gutters. K-style gutters, for example, are one of the most popular choices for homeowners.

What Are K-Style Gutters?

Unless you’re in the gutter business, you may not know what K-style gutters refer to. These particular gutters get their name from their appearance, as their sides resemble the shape of the letter K. They can be seamless, which makes them less likely to leak, and they hold more water than other gutter options. When heavy rain comes, you’ll want gutters that will hold up during a storm and won’t leak.

K-style gutters are not only functional, but they’re stylish as well. You don’t want to have to sacrifice the look of your home’s exterior for function and protection, and you don’t have to with K-style gutters. These gutters have a classic, timeless appearance that will go with any outdoor aesthetic. Plus, they come in a variety of material choices, offering you even more control over their appearance.

We install home gutter systems with both function and aesthetic in mind here at Batson’s Gutter Systems. Installing the right gutters, whether K-style or another option, is important for maintaining your roof and home’s condition, so call us today for all of your gutter-related needs.