Should You Install Copper Gutters for Your Home?

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A good gutter system is a must for homeowners wanting to protect their home from water damage. Choosing the right gutters can make a massive difference in your home’s overall protection, so it’s a good idea to weigh all of your options when it comes to selecting a gutter system.

Should You Install Copper Gutters for Your Home?

We install multiple types of gutters here at Batson’s Gutter Systems, including copper gutters. Here are some of the top benefits of installing copper gutters for your home:

  • They’re low maintenance. Copper is highly resistant to algae and fungus buildup, making it easier for your copper gutters to be cleaned regularly. It’s also resistant to corrosion.
  • They’re aesthetically pleasing. You want your home to look good on the outside. After all, the appearance of your home’s exterior informs the first impressions visitors have when they come to your home. Something as small as your gutter system can affect the overall look of your home, and installing copper gutters is a great way to add a subtle touch of elegance to your home’s exterior while still maintaining functionality.
  • They’re eco-friendly. Copper is a fully sustainable metal, making it one of the best choices when it comes to your gutter system if you are environmentally conscious. If you’re concerned about your effect on the environment, go with copper gutters.

We’re passionate about installing and maintaining quality gutter systems for homeowners so that they can rest easy knowing that their home has that additional level of protection against water damage. Copper gutters offer both protective and aesthetic appeal, so call us today to have copper gutters installed on your home.